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In times of pandemics, the government’s role is critical- from sharing latest and accurate information with public to developing strategies to minimize impacts and recover. As Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) are central for the management of COVID-19, it is especially important to continue close monitoring, enhance communication strategies, intensify active surveillance systems, and prepare for resilience of health systems (WHO 2020), all of which are areas were digital interventions are useful. Digital tools are promising surveillance, communication, and countermeasure tools to COVID-19 that have been widely applied globally. Scroll down to see what Paraguay is doing to fight COVID-19 using digital tools.

Digital Response


National response plan to respiratory viruses 2020

  • This technical document presents the Planning Regulations of the Ministry of Public Health and Social Welfare to respond to the Novel Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) with a multisectoral strategy capable of mitigating the impact it could have on the general population.
  • The Plan was prepared in accordance with the publications and international recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO), contemplates the priority components for the containment of the SARS-CoV-2 and the timely care of patients with acute respiratory symptoms.
Interaction with the population

Official Website for COVID-19

  • The official website for COVID-19 in Paraguay shares dashboards, information on necessary equipment, lab results and so on.
Case Management

Exclusive App Launched for Quarantined Patients and Target Staff

  • Through the platform you can perform a daily medical self-report of people in quarantine and if symptoms are detected recommendations will be indicated. The geolocation of patients will be accessed, as well as the control and monitoring of patients in quarantine.
Epidemiology & Public Health Surveillance
  • In development
Management of human resources, supply and laboratories

Management of medicines, supplies, and equipment

  • In this section, we introduce you to institutional management along with the various efforts carried out in order to maintain the provision of medicines, supplies and new biomedical equipment, for contingency against COVID19 in the country. Learn about the needs of the MSPBS in relation to:
  1. Medications and supplies_COVID19
  2. Biomedical equipment, ambulances, food and others_COVID19
  3. EPI, medicinal gases, reagents and supplies_COVID19
BI and analytics

COVID-19 Reports Paraguay

  • This page shares daily reports on COVID-19 cases in Paraguay.


Systems for recovery
  • In development






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