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In times of pandemics, the government’s role is critical- from sharing latest and accurate information with public to developing strategies to minimize impacts and recover. As Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) are central for the management of COVID-19, it is especially important to continue close monitoring, enhance communication strategies, intensify active surveillance systems, and prepare for resilience of health systems (WHO 2020), all of which are areas were digital interventions are useful. Digital tools are promising surveillance, communication, and countermeasure tools to COVID-19 that have been widely applied globally. Scroll down to see what Peru is doing to fight COVID-19 using digital tools.

Digital Response


Dirección General de Telesalud, Referencia y Urgencias - Normas 2020 Resolución Ministerial N 117-2020-MINSA que aprueba la Directiva Administrativa Nº 285-MINSA-2020-DIGTEL

  •  This document approves implementation and development of synchronous and asynchronous telemedicine servers

Resolucion Ministerial N 116-2020-MINSA, que aprueba la Directiva Administrativa Nº 284-MINSA-2020-DIGTEL

  • Telemanagement Directive for the implementation and development of Telehealth

Resolución Ministerial N° 146-2020-MINSA, que aprueba la Directiva Administrativa N 286-MINSA/2020/DIGTEL

  • Administrative Directive for the Implementation and Development of the Tele-orientation and Telemonitoring Services

Resolución Ministerial N° 144-2020-MINSA

  • This resolution approves the Protocol for the Reception, Organization and Distribution of Transfers of Confirmed or Suspect Symptomatic Patients of COVID-19. 

Resolución Ministerial Nº 147-2020-MINSA, que aprueba la Guía Técnica

  •  Procedures for pre-hospital care of the Directorate of Mobile Emergency Care Services 
Interaction with the population

Coronavirus en el Perú

  • This official website on COVID-19 in Peru shares cases in Peru, prevention, and other information related to COVID-19 such as monetary subsidy for COVD-19, and personal labor pass.

Coronavirus Lima

  • Municipality of Lima operates a website featuring security, transportation, health, news and so on about COVID-19.

PerúEnTusManos-Detén el avance del COVID-19

  • PerúEnTusManos is the official application of the Peruvian Government that will allow citizens to:
  1. Carry out a self-assessment to find out if they are at risk of contracting coronavirus and what to do according to your situation.
  2. Know the risk areas so that they can avoid these areas to the best of your ability.
  3. Receive alerts on the progress of the coronavirus in Peru
  4. Share their location to protect themselves and protect people in their community.


Case Management
  • In development
Epidemiology & Public Health Surveillance
  • In development
Management of human resources, supply and laboratories
  • In development
BI and analytics

Situational Room COVID-19

  • This page shares updates on COVID-19 cases in Peru.
Systems for recovery
  • In development






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