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First Name
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What is the champion's current position?
Executive Director
What are the champion's specialties or areas of expertise?
Adriana holds a Master in Educational Technology from TEC Monterrey, a degree in Psychology from the University of Costa Rica, and a diploma in Innovative Projects Management in Health from INCAE. She is fellow of the "Central American HealthCare Initiative" program, and fellow of the Gratitude Program. She is a leader of NGOs with more than 10 years of experience in the socio-emotional health of adolescents.
What are the champion's achievements in digital health?
Adriana is the Executive Director of TeenSmart International, a state-of-the-art, broad-scale NGO working through partnerships and technology to achieve adolescent health and well-being. Under her leadership, TeenSmart International has been awarded three international awards: Visionaries JK of the Inter-American Development Bank in 2018, NGOs with impact and scalability in Latin America by Viva Schmidheiny in 2018 and Exceptional Institution in Health of the Carlos Slim Foundation in 2016. Currently, as part of a digital transformation strategy of the NGO, she leads- together with her colleagues from TeenSmart- a technology team in Costa Rica and India that is working with Machine Learning.
Why is the champion passionate about digital health (how did the champion become interested in digital health)?
Adriana is passionate about the emotional health of young people and has been working to promote their well-being for years. She has volunteered with children and adolescents since she was 15 years old and the learning - and great joy - of this service led her to choose a career in Psychology. In 2006, she wrote inclusion manuals for boys and girls with disabilities. In 2007, she started working in the Technology department of a university in Costa Rica as an instructional designer of courses for students to strengthen her job skills. Since she joined TeenSmart International 12 years ago, she managed to combine several passions: creating educational content promoting health and using technology as an innovative means of learning.
How can we attract more women to work on digital health?
Adriana believes that the issue of health has always been a passionate topic for women, who for generations have been interested in caring for others and their self-care. She thinks attracting them through other women's experiences is always easier. Thus, we need to inspire younger generations of women not to be afraid of technology or science. And the experienced women in the health area also should combine their passion in health with the use of technology, as a practical, useful, functional tool that facilitates their work.
Adriana Gomez
Which organization does the champion work for?
TeenSmart International
What is the champion's country of origin?
Costa Rica
Where does the champion live (country)
Costa Rica