EmpoderaTECH. Guide for the digital empowerment of adult women

EmpoderaTECH is a pedagogical guide for conducting a digital literacy course for adult women in Paraguay.

Celina Lezcano Flores, Minister of Women said: “EmpoderaTECH is the result of a joint effort, promoted by the Ministry of Women through the Ciudad Mujer Program, with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank and implemented by Paraguay Educa. With the cooperation of the IDB through a donation from the Government of Japan, which I thank once again, we have improved this integrated management model among various institutions that we put at the service of all women; showing that Ciudad Mujer Program is an efficient and effective public management model to be replicated, and is established as a valid public policy investment for half of the Paraguayan population, women."

The guide focuses on the use of mid-range smartphones that are used by the women for whom the course is intended. Six different workshops are proposed in which the participants will obtain knowledge such as:

Workshop 1: Basic knowledge for the use of ICT.

Workshop 2: Email - Mobile Applications (Apps).

Workshop 3: Data security and social networks.

Workshop 4: Use of computer and Internet.

Workshop 5: Electronic Identity - Document Management.

Workshop 6: Internet as a universal library - feedback and practice.

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