Rhizomatica. Guide to develop a public policy of connectivity for indigenous peoples.

Rhizomatica's objective is to increase access to mobile telecommunications for communities that need or want to build and maintain their autonomous infrastructure, and that due to their economic situation cannot access these services. They create technologies that reinforce community values ​​such as cooperation, trust, andRhizomatica shared commitment. In today's world, technology is a vehicle for introducing market logic and atomization into the developing world. We are aware of the role that communication technologies play in this process, generally favoring one-to-one communication and that is why we strive to put incipient technology at the service of rural and indigenous communities, in a way that reinforces their values ​​and ways of association.

Rhizomatica's four main areas of work

  • Defense of policies and regulations.
  • Technology development.
  • Capacity development and implementation.
  • Research and knowledge production.

Additional Information

Access and connectivity
Last Update: 11/23/2021