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We have designed a Mobile Digital Classroom, which consists of a mobile server with an integrated battery, and up to 8 hours of autonomy. There is a laptop for the teacher and up to 40 Android tablets (with keyboards) for the students connected to the teacherĀ“s device. All of this can be transported to classes in a suitcase, bag or a trolley cabinet (depending on the project). In the evenings the equipment can be charged where there is an electricity point, and during the classes they are used without any need for connection to an electricity network. All the devices have a built-in battery. The server or CAP (Content Access Point) hosts the content for the students' learning, through an LMS (Learning Management System) software, where no Internet is needed, and everything is stored on the CAP. The tablets are managed by an Offline MDM (Mobile Device Management), for the installation of the apps and the configuration of the usage policies (for camera access, any adjustments for brightness, etc). The teacher can, thanks to the software integrated in the tablets, supervise the work of the students at all times, as well as capture their attention by freezing the screens of their device, when needed. All of this goes to make a digital education a possibility and safe at the same time. The most important thing about this is that it always works.


Broadcast media
  • App
Content type
Education level
  • Primary
  • Secondary
Knowledge areas
  • Other
Target user
  • Requires all user registration
  • English

  • Spanish

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Last Update: 04/13/2021