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Access Now is an international non-profit organization, created in 2009 in order to ensure human rights, public policy and activism in defense of the open and free Internet.

It is a free resource for civil society worldwide. They offer technical assistance and direct advice in real time to civil society groups and activists, media organizations, journalists and bloggers, and human rights defenders. On their website you can stay up to date on the subject and have 24/7 support and direct advice in real time. Services and resources they offer include:

  • Rapid response for digital security incidents.
  • Personalized recommendations, instruction and monitoring of digital security issues.
  • Help with risk analysis and creation of organizational or community security strategies.
  • Guidance and educational materials on security practices and tools for organizations, communities, groups, and individuals.
  • Support to protect technical infrastructure, websites and social networks against attacks.
  • Referrals, training, in-person consultations and coaching.

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