Splitting the Bill, a interactive panel


The Inter-American Development Bank and Tulane University's Commitment to Equity Project develop this data visualization panel. The objective is to present a visualization to teach decision makers on the importance of fiscal spending and racial aspects. It shows, in an interactive way, the impacts that different fiscal policies have on population groups, according to the study published in the report “Splitting the Bill”.

The interactive panel Splitting the Bill, illustrates the impact of fiscal policy and revenues in Bolivia, Brazil, Guatemala, Mexico and Uruguay. The visualization is based on the study that analyzes the patterns of public spending and taxes disaggregated by ethnicity and race in Latin America.

The interactive panel presents a set of moving dots representing people, with colors indicating the individuals' race or ethnicity. The points move vertically (up and down) to reflect changes in people's income as a result of the application of different tax policies. The user can activate or deactivate a type of tax, subsidies, direct transfers among other aspects, to observe how the patterns change dynamically.

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¿Cómo Dividimos la Cuenta?, panel interactivo
¿Cómo Dividimos la Cuenta?, panel interactivo

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Bolivia, México
Raza, Etnia, Economía pública
Last Update: 01/16/2022