CONECTA y 126 Te Orienta. Digital platforms to address violence against women in Honduras and El Salvador


CONECTA and 126 Te Orienta are digital platforms that offer specialized online care services with security and confidentiality for women who have experienced any situation of violence. They were implemented by the National Institute for Women (INAM) and the Ciudad Mujer de Honduras Program as of November 25th, 2020 in Honduras, and by the Salvadoran Institute for the Development of Women (ISDEMU) as of March 8th, 2021 in El Salvador. The remote services of both platforms operate alongside the face-to-face services to offer different options to users.

How to use CONECTA?

To do so, we invite you to watch the following video:

This platform was launched in March 2021 in El Salvador with the Salvadoran Institute for the Development of Women (ISDEMU), under the name 126 Te Orienta, through its comprehensive care program for a life free of violence and its windows in Ciudad Mujer.

In the following video we explain how to use 126 Te Orienta:








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Cómo usar 126 Te Orienta

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Last Update: 12/30/2021