ELSA. Work environments free of sexual harassment for companies


ELSA is a digital tool created by GenderLab and financed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), with the support of institutions from countries such as Bolivia, Colombia and Peru and other important unions in the region. This tool is a commitment to Big Data and artificial intelligence as an innovative strategy to prevent sexual harassment within the work environment. It seeks to promote a culture of prevention and learning that contributes to having workspaces free of sexual harassment.


How does ELSA work?

Elsa measures three key indicators: tolerance, prevalence, and trust. The tolerance indicator explores what staff thinks about a number of situations that may arise at work. For its part, the prevalence index is constructed both on the basis of the behaviors identified by the victims and by the witnesses, allowing the most common categories and types of manifestations in organizations to be identified. Finally, under the confidence indicator, the perception that the staff has about the commitment of the company or institution to sexual harassment is measured.

In this manner, ELSA provides information on:

  • Tolerance: Confirm positive correlations between lower tolerance and prevalence of harassment with comprehensive organizational cultures on gender equality.
  • Visible and Invisible Barriers: Collect information about the visible and invisible barriers that make most people choose not to report.
  • Myths prevalence: Identifies the prevalence of myths that normalize harassment in organizations with an emphasis on people who have a strategic role in dealing with this issue.
  • Business costs: allows an initial approximation to the business costs of sexual harassment associated with lower productivity, absenteeism, and turnover.

Access the following video to learn more about ELSA: https://youtu.be/XRfLoXdG24A


Do you want to start using ELSA?

There are four subscription models according to the level of depth with which you want to approach the subject. Likewise, ELSA has grant options thanks to the support of the IDB. Find the information and subscribe at the following link: https://elsa.genderlab.io/suscripcion


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