Ideaton for the prevention of violence against women in Peru


Ideatón is an event developed in Peru, which aims to generate technological initiatives to prevent violence against women and improve care for those who experience it. The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank and UTEC Ventures take part together with Kunan.

As part of the purpose of the Ideatón, six priority challenges have been identified to be addressed:

  1. Prevention of violence and femicide.
  2. Reduction of recidivism and escalation.
  3. Safe workplace.
  4. Protection measures.
  5. Support for professionals in care centers.
  6. Support networks.

Proposals can be generated by existing undertakings and / or individuals from civil society. Thus, three initiatives have won and are being incubated:

  • Less Fear: A digital alarm system in apartments complex that provides protection to people affected by domestic violence, by giving an early warning of cases of violence against women and preventing femicide.
  • Los Valientes Unidos por Perú: Digital platform for guidance and comprehensive help to migrant women and foreign refugees in Peru, providing information on their rights and where to seek support in cases of violence against women.
  • Sin Tabues: digital platform that provides information to young men about positive masculinity and sexual education to reduce violence against women.

In November 2021, within the framework called Demo Day, the three winning teams, incubated by UTEC Ventures, presented their projects to special guests, general public and, above all, possible investors who would support the continuity of these initiatives.



Ideatón Perú
Ideatón Perú

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