The ABC of social services interoperability: Guide for governments

On average, US$ 1 of every US$ 10 of GDP in Latin America and the Caribbean is spent on social services. However, it is difficult to know if in fact each citizen receives them in a timely and quality way. This can be substantially improved when the information and management systems within the social sector are interoperable. Interoperability, understood as the ability of information and communication technology (ICT) systems to exchange data and share information, plays a key role in the efficient provision of social services. This document offers a detailed analysis of the key elements required to achieve interoperable systems and a guide to the use of conceptual and methodological frameworks for governments. The guide is the result of the authors' collaboration with specialists from different IDB disciplines, including: Elena Arias, Marcelo Perez Alfaro, César Buenadicha, Mario Casco, Jennifer Nelson, Claudia Piras, David Rosas, Luis Tejerina and Manuel Urquidi.

Click here to download the full report (only available in Spanish).

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