Soy Cappaz, support to people with some type of intellectual disability


Fundación MAPFRE and Fundación GMP (Spain) bring the Soy Cappaz mobile app. It offers support to people with some type of intellectual disability. It is a very useful tool that helps people with different abilities to join the world of work; the idea is that with it they can develop their lives in a more independent way.

With Soy Cappaz, users improve their autonomy and professional integration. How? It helps them remember appointments, daily tasks and guides mobility so that they reach the desired destination more easily.

The app has among its options the communication with the support people of the users with disabilities. The app sends information about where the user is at all times, which gives their support people peace of mind.

Soy Cappaz is very easy to use, it would be convenient for the application to be initially configured jointly between the user and the support person, to make the most of all the potential of its functions.

What are the features of Soy Cappaz?

  • My Calendar: allows you to remember important appointments and keeps your scheduled activities updated.
  • Where am I? allows for more autonomous and safer journeys. As many routes as needed can be included. It also keeps the support person informed of the journeys.
  • My works: through demonstrative videos, it is taught how to carry out the activities that have to be performed on a day-to-day basis. Like starting an appliance or printing a document.
  • I need help: this feature is very useful for contacting user’s support and trustworthy people.

Soy Cappaz is free and currently available at:

  • Devices: Android.
  • Languages: Spanish.




Soy Cappaz
Soy Cappaz
Soy Cappaz

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