2018 Regional Policy Dialogue: Digital Transformation of the Health Sector

Hosted by the Inter-American Development Bank, the Regional Policy Dialogue in 2018 sought to work with regional allies and experts from around the world to share lessons learned and success stories in EHR implementation and digital health transformation. Topics included governance, interoperability, change management, and intra-regional collaborative networks. By the end of the workshop, participants had reviewed examples of national EHR systems from Estonia and Canada, learned about governance frameworks, discussed interoperability, and heard from start-ups using artificial intelligence in clinical decision support systems. They also received an overview of necessary connectivity and hardware, discussed best practices in leading behavior change through digital transformations, reviewed maturity model assessments, and discussed intraregional examples from Asia and Latin America.


Click on the arrow above to download the reference workbook of the Dialogue. 
Click on the arrow above to download the report with the contents of the presentations and discussions of the 2018 Regional Policy Dialogue.

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