IDB/PAHO Webinar: Information Systems and Digital Health: 10 Experts, 1 Question, 1 Goal

This is a recording of an event that has taken place on august 27th of 2020 and in which 10 experts in different fields related to digital health provided one point of view on his or her area of expertise regarding digital health and COVID 19-  Telemedicine, Patient portals & EHR, Digital transformation, Artificial Intelligence, Vital Statistics, Infodemic, Information Systems, Big data, Internet of things, and Digital literacy.

Each panelist was asked to prepare a 1-3 minutes video before the event introducing his/her self, the topic, and a quick message on why this particular topic is key for the response to the pandemic. Each panelist answered one question (the most voted from participants)


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Digital health solutions, digital health, Health Information Systems, Telemedicine, EHR, Digital transformation , artificial intelligence
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