Platform for Population Health Management and Fraud Detection

The Population Health Management and Fraud Detection platform began to be developed in 2020, under the Health in Action Program, a partnership between the Telemedicine Portal, the São Paulo State Health Secretariat and the Inter-American Development Bank. Health Secretariat professionals work daily with more than 80 databases that do not communicate, which fragments patients' health information. This situation delays the generation of reports and hinders the full exercise of public managers' functions. Through this project, we have identified the needs of the different teams in the Secretariat and have translated this complexity into management and research dashboards that track data on patients, diseases, medication dispensing, inventories, medical procedures and lawsuits. For more information go to

Plataforma de Gestión Sanitaria de la Población y Detección del Fraude from el BID - the IDB on Vimeo.

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