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Governments around the world spend millions of dollars every year on software and digital tools to simplify administrative processes, fight climate change, strengthen health care, and improve our quality of life. But what would happen if those digital tools were open to be shared and adapted to new uses?

That is the aim of Code for Development, an IDB initiative which allows you to explore and reuse open-source digital tools that can be used in the implementation of programs and projects for economic and social development in Latin American and Caribbean countries.

You can use this website to learn about different types of digital tools that have been used in development projects. More advanced users and developers can also download the source code stored in the IDB’s account on the
GitHub platform and create new versions adapted to their needs. 

Software is a fundamental tool for the design and implementation of projects and programs. With Code for Development, the IDB seeks to strengthen its commitment to the use and promotion of open knowledge, as well as to accelerate the discussion on how technology can empower development in Latin America and the Caribbean.  

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