Immersing in digital transformation in health: the leap to Paraguay

In Paraguay, a digital health transformation (DHT) project was launched in 2018 to improve healthcare. Thus, the Digital Health Strategy "Paraguay Transparente, Eficiente y Efectivo: Hoja de Ruta para la Transformación Digital del Sector Salud" (Transparent, Efficient and Effective Paraguay: Roadmap for the Digital Transformation of the Health Sector) was established as a guide to implement digital initiatives until 2024.

The milestones of this strategy were numerous. Hence, in 2019, a traffic light system was launched to manage the stock of medicines, avoiding shortages or excesses. In 2020, the Villa Elisa hospital managed to digitise medical records and thus improve medical care for all patients. In 2021, through the same digitisation strategy, both the National Registry of People with Diabetes and the Nominal Vaccination System were implemented for more accurate monitoring of the follow-up of people with diabetes mellitus, as well as vaccination data.

With all these policy changes in connectivity and digital literacy, Paraguay has made significant progress in digital transformation, improving care, reducing costs and promoting equity. This commitment is evidence of the pursuit of quality care for all citizens. Through technology and collaboration, Paraguay is moving towards a digitised and efficient health system.

Click here to download the full report (available in Spanish).

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