CommCare is an open source platform used to build Android-based mobile applications for low-resource settings. The mobile applications can be used as case management tool for tracking beneficiaries through a lifecycle of services, in addition to streamlining data collection.

CommCare aims to help frontline workers more accurately track and support the registration, follow-up, and delivery of services for clients in their communities. With thousands of registered mobile users across 80 countries in our cloud environment and over 37 million forms submitted per month, CommCare is one of the most widely adopted, technically advanced, and evidence-based mobile platforms. In LAC, CommCare has been deployed in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Belize, Haiti, Peru, Colombia and Brazil.

  1. Build
  • Build your offline data collection app in days, not weeks
  • Test app changes live with app preview features
  • No coding necessary, just drag-and-drop
  • Start small with simple surveys and add complexity as you go
  • Easily deploy your data collection app to Android devices in the field
  1. Collect
  • Collect better data with a data collection app your workforce will
  • Build-in decision support and notifications to guide your team
  • Link data from multiple forms to avoid duplicate data entry and errors
  • Incorporate performance feedback for regular progress updates
  • Enhance how your team communicates in the field with multimedia
  1. Analyze
  • Analyze data to improve decision making
  • Visualize trends with CommCare’s built-in reporting tool or via the turnkey integration with BI tools Power BI and Tableau
  • Create daily reports to track workforce performance
  • Export your CommCare data to use in your favorite 3rd party data analysis tool

A summary of the tool and its features is available here:


An evidence base for the tool is available here:


Tool Specification

Key Features / Modules
  • Case management
  • Offline capabilities
  • Decision Support
  • SMS
    Multilingual Support
  • Multimedia
  • Web-based applications
  • Free and open source software
Languages available (Internationalization)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
WHO Classification: Healthcare System Challenges
  • 8. Accountability
    • 8.1 Insufficient patient engagement
    • 8.2 Lack of awareness of service entitlement
    • 8.3 Absence of community feedback mechanisms
    • 8.5 Poor accountability between the levels of the health sector
    • 8.6 Inadequate understanding of beneficiary populations
WHO Classification: System Category
  • C. Client applications
Who Classification: Main Users
  • 1.0 Patients
  • 2.0 Healthcare Providers
  • 3.0 Health System Managers
  • 4.0 Data Services
WHO Classification: Digital Health Intervention
  • 2.1 Client identification and registration
  • 2.2 Client health records
  • 2.3 Healthcare provider decision support
  • 2.4 Telemedicine
  • 2.5 Healthcare provider communication
  • 2.6 Referral coordination
  • 2.7 Health worker activity planning and scheduling
  • 2.8 Healthcare provider training
  • 2.9 Prescription and medication management
  • 2.10 Laboratory and diagnostics imaging management
  • 3.2 Supply chain management
  • 4.1 Data collection, management, and use
  • 4.3 Location mapping
  • 4.4 Data exchange and interoperability
  • Other
Data Sharing with other services or platforms
  • Other
Main Users
  • Patients
  • Healthcare providers
  • Health system managers
  • Data services 
  • 1 billion form submissions
  • Approximately 700 projects in more than 80 countries
</> Languages
  • Other
Technical Overview


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  • Dimagi
  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Catholic Relief Services
  • Partners in Health
  • Johns Hopkins University

Additional Information

Dominican Republic, Haiti
Case management, health, Social protection
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Client applications
Last Update: 04/22/2020

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