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In order to ensure high quality health care, standardized, replicable and comparable metrics for quality of medical care are crucial. Data is used to not only monitor healthcare quality, but also to evaluate quality improvement efforts, and to implement various programs and reporting. Unfortunately, these metrics are lacking in low- and middle- income countries, often due to lack of resources.

This mobile application allows teams and supervisors to collect information from chart audits or direct observation of equipment and drugs for Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI) activities. The scores are calculated offline for immediate feedback and easy use in the field. Content currently includes international standards for reproductive, maternal, neonatal, and child health, which were created and validated in eight countries as part of the Salud Mesoamerica Initiative (SMI).

On a monthly or quarterly basis, teams collect medical records for review. The application asks key questions such as diagnosis, procedures, dates of treatment, vital signs and other data points. Using an algorithm based on computerized survey developed by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation for SMI, the app automatically calculates the score of the record and sample and sends the results to a business intelligence tool, eTAB, for easy visualization. All content is customizable based on country norms and standards.

The app is built using Dimagi’s CommCare Platform. CommCare is an easily customizable, open source mobile application platform, and supports frontline workers (FLWs) across 200+ projects in over 50 countries. TecSalud provides technical services for the design, implementation and capacity building of the CQI App. 

The CQI app is currently used in Belize and Honduras. You can access a demo of the CQI app by following the steps below:

  • Download CommCare from Google Play
  • Scan the QR to access the demo version of the app


  • Enter the demo user and password: Demo / 123.


Tool Specification

Key Features / Modules
  • CQI modules:
    • Reproductive Health
    • Prenatal care
    • Uncomplicated births
    • Post-natal and post-partum care
    • Children under five
    • Inputs and Equipment
    • Use of information and QI tools
  • Sample calculation
  • Offline Score Calculations
  • Integration with Business Intelligence Tools
  • Select CommCare Features:
    • Supports multiple languages
    • Data collection
    • Interactive multimedia
    • Branching logic
    • GPS Integration
    • Runs on Android and Java feature phones
    • Offline usage and storage
    • Offline Scoring
    • Web-based reporting
Languages available (Internationalization)
  • English
  • Spanish
WHO Classification: Healthcare System Challenges
  • 1. Information
  • 2. Quality
WHO Classification: System Category
  • K. Facility management Information system
  • N. Health management information system
Who Classification: Main Users
  • 2.0 Healthcare providers
  • 3.0 Health system managers
WHO Classification: Digital Health Intervention
  • 2.2 Client health records
  • 2.3 healthcare provider decision support
  • 3.6 Equipment and asset management
  • 3.7 facility management
  • JSON
  • XForms
Data Sharing with other services or platforms
  • The app integrates with eTAB
Main Users
  • Medical staff in health centers
    • Administrators
    • Nurses
    • Supervisors
    • Doctors
  • Four government hospitals in Belize
  • 6 HMOs (Gestores) in Honduras
</> Languages
  • Python
  • Django
Technical Overview
  • CommCare HQ is a server-side tool to help manage community health workers. It seamlessly integrates with CommCare mobile and CommCare ODK, as well as providing generic domain management and form data-collection functionality.


Rating and Comments

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luis solis
Fri, 10/04/2019 - 01:25
La aplicación es una idea muy innovadora y sobre todo, ayuda al mas necesitado.
sin embargo, no he podido tener acceso al demo. instalo pero no abre el apps

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  • TecSalud (Content and Technical Services)
  • Salud Mesoamerica Initiative (Content)
  • Dimagi (Platform)
  • Ministry of Health of Belize
  • Ministry of Health of Honduras

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Health management information system
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