MedCreds is an open source platform for verifiable credentials, built using open source and open standards within the Linux Foundation, and available from Linux Foundation Public Health.

MedCreds is a complete web and mobile application solution for authorized issuers of credentials, holder wallets for users to receive and share credentials, and verifier organizations to request and verify credentials.

MedCreds can be used for any verifiable credential including: 

  • Health Assessments
  • Patient Health Summaries
  • Vaccination and Immunization Records
  • COVID-19 and other Medical Test Results

MedCreds allows a citizen to have a digital and verifiable record of their medical results, and share them with a third party when they need to.

Tool Specification

Key Features / Modules
  • Issuer Portal and API for Credentials
  • Holder wallet
  • Verifier Organization Portal and Tools
Languages available (Internationalization)


</> Languages



Free and open source software

Target sector of this solution

Public and Private

WHO Classification: Digital Health Intervention
  • G. Data interchange interoperability and accessibility
  • H. Electronic Medical Record(EMR)/ Electronic Heatlh Record(EHR)
  • N. Health management information system
  • R. Laboratory and diagnostics information system
What implementation and support services do they offer?

Medcreds offer full service implementation and support in addition to the open source code.

Average time of deployment for this solution

Shorter than 2 weeks

Local conditions and resources needed to implement the solution
  • 2 full time software engineers 1-2 weeks.
  • Cloud Native Software deployment using Kubernetes.

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Additional Information

Solution Type:
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)/ Electronic Health Record (EHR)
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