District Health Information Software 2 (DHIS2) is an open source, web-based health management information system (HMIS) platform. The DHIS2 platform boasts data warehousing, visualization features, and the possibility for data users and policy makers to generate analyses from live data in real-time. 

DHIS2 has released a digital data package to accelerate case detection, situation reporting, active surveillance and response for COVID-19. The package is inspired by the Ministry of Health Sri Lanka’s pioneering design of DHIS2 tracker for COVID-19 case detection and draws on years of collaboration with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to develop information system standards for case-based disease surveillance. The COVID-19 digital data package includes standard metadata aligned with the WHO’s technical guidance on COVID-19 surveillance and case definitions and implementation guidance to enable rapid deployment in countries.

DHIS2 is currently being used for COVID-19 Surveillance in countries around the world. Explore the map below to see where the DHIS2 COVID-19 Packages are being tested and deployed.


  • Improve information sue in countries
  • Simplifies support if there are standard solutions
  • Reporting on key indicators
  • Avoid reinventing the wheel in each country
  • Promote “best practice” design in DHIS2
  • Integrate disease programs in (Often) HMIS-run systems


  • Multi partner efforts to promote uptake and use of standards
  • Includes indicators, metadata, data quality metrics
  • National and district dashboard and analysis
  • Implementation guidelines

You can test out the DHIS2 COVID-19 Surveillance Demo here. 

Click here to read tracker implementation guide. 

Click here to learn more about DHIS2 for COVID-19.

Tool Specification

Key Features / Modules

CoVID-19 Case-base surveillance (tracker)

  • Enrolls& tracks suspected cases; captures symptoms, demographics, risk factors & exposures; creates lab request; links confirmed cases with contacts; and monitors patient outcomes
  • This package can be installed as a standalone COVID-19 package or can be integrated in to a country’s existing integrated disease surveillance and response tracker.

Contact registration & Follow-up program (tracker)

  • Strengthens active case detection through contact tracing activities, such as identification and follow up of contacts of a suspected or confirmed COVD-19 case

Ports of Entry screening & Follow up program (tracker)

  • Enrolls travelers who have visited high-risk locations at Ports of Entry for 14-day monitoring and Follow up

COVID-19 Surveillance Event program (event)

  • A simplified line-list that captures a subset of minimum critical data points to facilitate rapid analysis & response, particularly useful when caseloads or burdens of reporting exceeds capacity for case-based surveillance tracker

Covid-19 Aggregate Surveillance (aggregate)

  • An aggregate reporting dataset that captures minimum necessary data points for daily and weekly reporting
  • Open source and web based system

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