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Globant is an end-to-end partner, capable of moving from strategy to execution, implementation and support. Globant leverages the latest technologies and methodologies in the digital and cognitive space to help organizations transform in every aspect. The company creates software products that emotionally connect their customers with millions of consumers and employees, and they work with them to improve their efficiency.

Globant helped develop an interactive dashboard that supports the efficient measurement and use of health resources during the COVID-19 pandemic. This initiative allows real-time tracking for the number of intensive care beds, respirators, health professionals and resources available in hospitals globally. The dashboard will be donated to various governments, to collaborate in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.


Tool Specification

Specific focus area addressed by the intervention within the sector
  • ICU resource management, planning and quantification
Number of institutions that uses this solution
  • 1400 hospitals
Number of users per institution
  • Globant suggests for the institution to have 1 representative per institution and many collaborators. Also having multiple admin users for system adherence metrics and institutions edition. The solution allows multiple (~400) dashboard users.
The business model for the digital solution
  • Globant´s response to COVID-19 was to intensify collaboration and help the society. Considering this, they decided to co-create feasible solutions with a high impact to provide them for Governments and Society. 
  • Nowadays Globant donates this Dashboard to IDB in order to be used among the different governments and entities in the countries where IDB operates. 
  • The business model will be reviewed if the product is used under other situations outside COVID 19 context.
    • Note: Is important to know that the Dashboard is a standardized product with a quick implementation (10 days or less) that could accept some localizations if needed.
Average time of deployment for this solution
  • Shorter than 2 months
Local conditions and resources needed to implement the solution
  • Cloud infrastructure (desirable to have a latam cluster) 
  • DB with health institutions, including information such as : name, state, district, representative name, representative email, gps coordinates, financing (public, private), unique id, 
  • Contact of person(s) to act as admin of the entire system
Does the project share information with other information systems?
  • Globant's system doesn't export information to other systems, is the other way around, the platform imports information from other systems : 
    • REFES (Registro Federal Sanidad)
    • INDEC
    • REFEPS (Registro Nacional Personal Salud)
    • CISA 
    • Reporting systems from each state, that use the B2B functionality of our platform.
  1. Foundational Standard: HTTPS, AccessKey, Credentials, API Scope protection, components secured by identity management and security groups
  2. Structural Standard: Json                                                                                                
  3. Semantic Standard: Standardized definition of resources being tracked and coding vocabulary   
  4. Organizational Standard: information stored in secured servers. Server cluster located in Argentina. Every communication is securely encrypted. Resources and data protected by identity management. Passwords securely distributed to people
  5. Pricacy and confidentiality Standard: PII (Full name, phone number, and email)
Key Features / Modules
  • Visualization dashboard
  • Metrics collection and calculation
  • Data input portal
  • Administration portal
  • Government DB importer
  • Usage statistics portal
  • Email sender
  • Chatbot sub-system

Free and Open source software

Languages available (Internationalization)
  • Spanish
</> Languages
  • JavaScript
  • Other
Proof or evidence that the solution is effective to combat an epidemic, especially COVID-19
  • More than 75% of the states of Argentina are using the platform, where Globant is still collecting information. The tool´s adherence was also high: over 2500 health reports nation-wide were sent in the first two weeks since it went live.

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Tue, 07/14/2020 - 17:23
I'm part of the team of the project, it is a powerfull tool. We believe that data and the people should be at the center of every decision. With the outbreak of COVID-19, it was clear that the world and in this case Argentina, needed the tools to bring this vision to the healthcare system.

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Health management information system
Last Update: 05/26/2020

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