COVID-19: Interactive Platform for the Design of Social Protection Policies


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) governments have implemented measures to mitigate contagion such as restricting business and labor activities to essential operations. Therefore, poor and vulnerable populations are experiencing the economic consequences of these health measures, urging governments to design appropriate reinforcements and adjustments of their social protection policies.

The platform supports social policy designers—e.g., administrators of social programs and public finance planners—in their analysis, design, and decision-making regarding the targeting schemes of social programs.

Prosperia's Interactive Platform allows users to identify the population segments most impacted by the socioeconomic crisis, explore a large space of policy designs, allocate amounts of support for different segments, define prioritization and exclusion/inclusion criteria, acceptance thresholds, etc. All of this allows users to visualize the impact of policies on poverty rates of each segment, as well as their costs and budgetary implications.

It is aligned with the ‘Principles for Digital Development’ as it was developed to respond, adapt and interact with users’ needs and with the capacity to scale to more institutions and features. It strengthens the culture of data use and facilitates analysis and interpretation through interactive visualizations; using open source libraries and supporting transparency and collaboration across institutions and disciplines. 


Tool Specification

Specific focus area addressed by the intervention within the sector
  • Prosperia’s Interactive Platform addresses specifically the design, targeting, and implementation of social policies.
Number of institutions that uses this solution
  • There are currently 60 users within 16 institutions in 7 Latin American and Caribbean countries who are using our solution. 
The business model for the digital solution
  • Prosperia’s Interactive Platform has been implemented in several countries under a combination of countries’ and Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)’s funds. The services that they offer, particularly under the COVID crisis, are a combination of Data Science services and a Platform as a Service (PaaS) model, which provides institutions with the appropriate data preparation services, as well as their platform as a service, including all necessary software and hardware infrastructure. 

Target sector of this solution
  • Public
  • Private
What implementation and support services do they offer?
  • Prosperia adapts their support services according to need. Implementation in different countries has varied from the inclusion of only one of the following elements, to the inclusion of all of them: 
    • Mapping of actors, relevant databases, and contingency situation by COVID-19
    • Pre-processing of databases and simulation of households’ poverty impact based on job loss scenarios
    • Adaptation of graphic interface to institutional users and use cases
    • Implementation of decision space in the interactive platform
    • Determination of economic scenarios, and the universe of relevant options for the design of social protection policies: policy objectives, target populations, exclusion and inclusion criteria, prioritization, amounts of support, budgets, etc.
    • Generation of reports about usage, decision spaces, and designed public policies.
Average time of deployment for this solution
  • Shorter than 2 weeks
Local conditions and resources needed to implement the solution
  • Prosperia’s Interactive Platform necessary data inputs are national household surveys and/or administrative databases.
Does the project share information with other information systems?
  • Yes, it links to others.
Does the solution offer trial period?
  • Yes
  • Data Standard: JSON, Other
  • Privacy Standard: Other
Proof or evidence that the solution is effective to combat an epidemic, especially COVID-19
Key Features / Modules

The platform is an interactive analytics and visualization system, supporting the design of social policies including: 

  • Visualization of the impact of the COVID crisis on the poverty rates of the country
  • Segmentation by relevant subgroups, such as formal and informal workers, male/female led households, country regions, type of households, recipients/non-recipients of government support, etc.
  •  Definition of exclusion and inclusion criteria 
  • Definition of core prioritization criteria(s), e.g., poverty, extreme poverty, etc.
  • Definition of amounts of support per segment
  • Interactive visualization of the impact of the policies onto each segments’ poverty rates
  • Interactive visualization of the monetary costs of the policies for each supported segments
  • Specification of budget constraints and so on.
Languages available (Internationalization)
  • English
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • Other
</> Languages
  • Other
  • Proprietary

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  • National Planning Department (DNP), Colombia
  • Joint Institute for Social Aid (IMAS), National System of Information and Unique Registry of Beneficiaries of the State (SINIRUBE) and Ministry of Labor and Social Security (MTSS), Costa Rica
  • Department of Statistics and Census (DIGESTYC), El Salvador
  • Secretariat of General Government Coordination, Honduras
  • Nacional Financiera (NAFIN), Mexico
  • Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), Panama
  • Ministry of Social Development (MIDES), Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF) and Social Security Bank (BPS), Uruguay

Additional Information

Colombia, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, México, Panama, Uruguay
Prosperia, Social protection
Solution Type:
Census, population information & data warehouse, Learning and training system, Knowledge management System, Identification registries and directories, Emergency response system, Data interchange interoperability and accessibility
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