COVID-19: Coronavirus UY


Information, medical care, and alerts of exposure to COVID-19 for residents of Uruguay

Coronavirus UY is the result of the interaction of the Uruguayan Private IT Sector and Government for the speedy creation of a unified Healthcare Monitoring System for COVId-19 tracking and decision making.  This evolved epidemic monitoring system allows the government to integrate applications for citizens to coordinate with laboratories, healthcare providers (hospitals) and government agencies. It is a multiplatform and multichannel system (native Apps - iOS and Android-, Web, Chatbot, Messenger, WhatsApp), with a robust backend that integrates all relevant actors (Government, Laboratories, Healthcare providers.)

Using Coronavirus UY you can get all the updated information about the disease in Uruguay, and how to protect your health and that of your family. If you have any of the symptoms, you can make inquiries directly through the application and, if necessary, your health care provider will be able to arrange for a test to be performed.

By activating Exposure Alerts, your phone can notify you if it detects a possible exposure to the virus, you can receive advice, follow-up and attention as quickly as possible.
The system is operated and managed by the Electronic Government Agency and the Information and Knowledge Society (Agesic) and the Uruguayan Ministry of Public Health (MSP), within the framework of the National Coronavirus Plan.

In the case of contracting the disease, the application will allow you to inform your doctor daily about your state of health (for example fever or other symptoms). Through this feature, your doctor can be informed in real time about your health, tell you the best way to take care of yourself, and even contact you through video calls.

Furthermore, it allows you to manage the monitoring of your family group, registering your children or other dependents on your own device.

Tool Specification

Specific focus area addressed by the intervention within the sector
  • Coronavirus UY is a technological communication tool between institutions and the population to centralize information and decentralize care to prevent he systems from collapsing.
Number of institutions that uses this solution
  • Less than 100
Number of users per institution
  • Less than 100,000
The business model for the digital solution
  • B2G
Target sector of this solution
  • Public
  • Private
What implementation and support services do they offer?
  • First line local support in the country that the solution is implemented, and remote support of the development team from Uruguay
Average time of deployment for this solution
  • The first version can be implemented in 2 weeks.
Local conditions and resources needed to implement the solution
  • Hierarchical and political support at the government level, Hierarchy of the Ministry of Health, Hierarchy in Ministry of technology, local integrating team, internet access of the institutions.
  • Required counterparty:
    • For solution V1 (which is what the IDB pilot covers) these people from the Paraguayan Ministry of Health (or MITIC) are required:\
      • Functional: to take definitions of epidemiology, health functional, localization of messages to Paraguayan Spanish, definition of texts, definition of access control, and everything related, etc.
      • Technical: for interoperability of existing solutions, information architecture definitions, operational definitions.
      • Trainer: That trains the different entities in the use of the solution.
      • Power Sponsor: Person with the authority to make decisions and make the necessary contacts in the institutions.
    • Necessary period of this counterpart for implementation: minimum 1 month and maximum 2 months
    • V1 does not include hosting and / or infrastructure costs, data plan for telemedicine, etc.
    •  Credentials of the GeneXus / Thaleslab technical presence in Paraguay
Does the project share information with other information systems?


Does the solution offer trial period?
  • The provider can offer trial period.
Key Features / Modules
  • Information Contact Verification
  • Analytics Government Inbox
  • Institutions inbox
  • Security and reliability Agenda
  • Tray Tracking Tray
  • Medical attention Record Qualification
  • Risk Prioritization Alerts Drive through testing Contact tracing Information Contact Verification
  • Analytics Government Inbox
  • Institutions inbox
  • Security and reliability Agenda
  • Tray Tracking Tray
  • Medical attention Record Qualification
  • Risk Prioritization Alerts Drive through testing Contact tracing


  • Proprietary
Languages available (Internationalization)
  • Spanish
    • ThalesLab/Genexus can offer this solution in other langues without any problem.
</> Languages
  • Javascript
  • Other

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  • Ministry of Public Health Uruguay
  • ThalesLab, Genexus, AGESIC

Additional Information

Uruguay, COVID-19, AGESIC
Solution Type:
Emergency response system
Last Update: 07/04/2020