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In times of pandemics, the government’s role is critical- from sharing latest and accurate information with public to developing strategies to minimize impacts and recover. As Non-pharmaceutical interventions (NPI) are central for the management of COVID-19, it is especially important to continue close monitoring, enhance communication strategies, intensify active surveillance systems, and prepare for resilience of health systems (WHO 2020), all of which are areas were digital interventions are useful. Digital tools are promising surveillance, communication, and countermeasure tools to COVID-19 that have been widely applied globally. Scroll down to see what Mexico is doing to fight COVID-19 using digital tools.

Digital Response

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Interaction with the population

Official website for COVID-19 in Mexico

Official app from The Ministry of Health in Mexico: COVID-19MX

  • This is the official app from The Ministry of Health of Mexico. The app allows you to have the necessary information to protect yourself and act in a timely manner against the Coronavirus-2019.
  • The app Features:
    • Direct access to the epidemiological health care telephone number.
    • Self-diagnosis: In case of suspicion that you or a family member suffered the contagion, answer the questionnaire and you will have the recommendations to act and if necessary go to medical attention.
    • Locations: Identify the Service Centers closest to your location, you can check by States or through a map that shows you the address and route to get there.
    • Doubts: It offers you the most important information to understand what it is, how it is transmitted and the most vulnerable groups.
    • Tips: It introduces you to prevention measures that will help you avoid this and other diseases.
    • News: Access to official information including press conferences and statements from the Ministry of Health.

<Responses from the States in Mexico>

1. The Digital Agency for Public Innovation launched several digital services for COVID-19 in Mexico City.

  • SMS Information Service COVID-19
    1. The Government of Mexico City’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP) offers the free official information service via text message (SMS) about Coronavirus (COVID-19). This service allows citizens to be informed about symptoms related COVID-19.
    2. The objective of the system is to avoid saturation of emergency and health telephone numbers, so that people who need medical attention get priority.
  • COVID-19 information web service
    1. The Ministry of Health’s Digital Agency for Public Innovation created a website where citizens can find information related to COVID-19 symptoms.

Request for proof of illness

  • All public servants who works at City Halls, Dependencies, Decentralized Organs and Entities of the Public Administration of Mexico City that present symptoms compatible with the coronavirus (COVID-19) such as: fever, cough and sneeze, general malaise ( body cut), headache and difficulty breathing, should be isolated at home and comply with medical recommendations.
  • Public servants in this situation may validate their absence by diagnosis through the following procedure:
  1. Send a text message (SMS) with the word Covid19 to 51515.
  2. Answer the questionnaire and wait for the diagnosis generated together with the generated page.
  3. Enter and choose the option "I completed the questionnaire via SMS and received an alert sheet"
  4. Login with CDMX Key
  5. Complete the form.
  • At the end the user will receive a sheet that will serve as proof and you must keep for future references.

Request for proof of absence for childcare for working mothers and fathers of the Public Administration of Mexico City

  • All the public servants attached to the City Halls, Dependencies, Decentralized Bodies and Entities of the Public Administration of Mexico City who are mothers and fathers and are in charge of the care of their children, whose basic level educational centers suspend activities and they do not have a private care network, they can validate their absence for care reasons through the following procedure:
    1. Enter and choose the option "I am a parent who does not have a private care network for my minor children".
    2. Login with CDMX Key
    3. Complete the form.
  • At the end you will receive a sheet that will serve as proof and you must keep it for future references.

2. State of Tamaulipas: COVID-19TAM

  • Through this app, Tamaulipas State Government communicates to the citizens of Tamaulipas the active cases of coronavirus in Tamaulipas.
  • The application provides information on the total number of cases under investigation, as well as the cases that have been discarded. Through this data, a breakdown of total, active cases (divided into asymptomatic, mild, moderate and severe), recovered and fatal is made. This tool also allows geolocation of cases that help prevention and proper follow-up of COVID-19 in Tamaulipas.

3. State of Jalisco: Plan Jalisco COVID-19

  • The app provides information on the symptoms and / or prevention of the COVID-19 virus in order to help prevent its spread, and to be able to detect if they are being affected by the disease and obtain recommendations.
  • The application also allows the public health authorities to locate users of the app to establish the proper contact and follow-up of the cases of those people suspected and / or infected by COVID-19.

4. State of Puebla: Official website for COVID-19

  • This official website from the government of Puebla provides preventative measures, news from government, and more on COVID-19

5. State of Querétaro: COVAPP

6. State of Nuevo León: Gobierno de Nuevo León

  • This official app from the Nuevo León government shares latest news and alerts on COVID-19.

7. State of Chihuahua: COVID-19 Chihuahua

  • Do not be alarmed, better inform yourself! This official app from the government of Chihuahua shares all the information about the COVID-19 - Coronavirus-, the provisions, help centers and contact that the Government of Chihuahua offers.


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BI and analytics

Dashboard:COVID-19 México

  • This page offers general information on COVID-19 in Mexico.



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