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medPPE is an application for Android and iOS devices where health personnel will find the necessary information on personal protective equipment (PPE), suggested by PAHO / WHO, that should be used according to the function and activity that they perform while caring for patients with diseases, such as COVID-19, transmitted by droplets and contact, or during aerosol-generating procedures.

Health workers will find information by role, level of care, and multiple primary health care settings or hospital facilities. This app also clarifies the type of PPE that is needed when performing aerosol-generating procedures (AGP) and other procedures on COVID-19 patients.

It is important to remember that using PPE is not enough to be protected and that there are several conditions to consider, such as: following the instructions on the type of PPE to use, using it for the appropriate time and way, knowing and pointing out the established patient flows, as well as the care procedures will be performed.

Hand hygiene measures and dressing-undressing procedures of the PPE and the disposal and handling of waste must be followed. It is equally important to disseminate information and maintain training for health personnel and administrative officials. It is also important to provide signage for circulation and inform and educate patients and relatives.

You can download the application for iOS following this link

You can download the application for Android following this link

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Last Update: 02/23/2021