Innovation and Technology in Latin America’s Post-Pandemic Recovery

Most experts agree that the Covid-19 pandemic will accelerate fundamental trends that were already underway in Latin America and the Caribbean, such as the automation of jobs, stubbornly high labor informality, a social safety net weakened by already slow economic growth, disillusionment with the quality of government services, and deep distrust of political elites. Improvements in innovation and rapid advances in digitization for some time now have been held out as potentially powerful tools to overcome problems associated with those trends. As countries of the region adjust to unprecedented circumstances and plan for economic recovery, important questions are emerging:

  • How should governments in the region be preparing for ways technology will evolve in their societies, and how is the pandemic affecting their plans?
  • How can innovation be deployed where most urgently needed for the recovery, such as areas like education, health, financial services, trade and others impacted by the crisis?
  • What should governments be doing to facilitate innovation, streamline sound regulations, and ensure new technologies can reach the most vulnerable populations?
  • What does the future of work look like in a post-pandemic Latin America, and what should companies be doing to prepare?

This webinar presents an in-depth conversation on these and other topics.

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COVID-19, Innovation, Digital technology, InterAmerican Dialogue
Last Update: 06/02/2020

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