Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) Rapid Response Hub for COVID-19

MIT"s Initiative on the Digital Economy's (IDE) COVID-19 Rapid Response Hub is an open-source repository for timely, fact-based, and actionable information. 

The IDE’s world-renowned research team is working tirelessly to provide timely, accurate, and data-informed analysis of the pandemic and its effects, and actionable solutions for policymakers, business leaders, and citizens. They are collaborating with companies like Facebook, Safegraph, Praekelt, and Graphika Inc., to analyze millions of data points to both help stop the spread of the coronavirus and to advise global leaders on critical next steps.

The IDE disseminates:

  • Real-time global tracking
  • Analysis of the social, economic, and public health impacts of social distancing
  • Analysis of misinformation on social media, the future of remote work, impact on platforms, and more
  • Timely, tactical insights and strategies for policymakers, business leaders, and the public, including employment and GDP predictions

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Last Update: 09/21/2020