Electronic Health Record System (EHR-S) Scorecard Toolkit

Does your organization use an Electronic Health Care System (EHR-S)? Do you know if it adheres to international best practices and standards? The Electronic Health Record System (EHR-S) Scorecard details the key requirements of an EHR-S and provides the tool to validate an EHR-S solution against those requirements and to detect possible shortcomings.

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The requirements included in this tool correspond to four key types of requirements: functional, security, interoperability, and standards, detailed in Scorecard Reference Framework, based on the HL7 Functional Model. This toolkit describes each module in detail. This tool is available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.



The objectives of this tool are to provide a scorecard and methodology that enables organizations (including countries or health systems, hospitals, and EHR-S solution providers) to benchmark EHR systems with essential requirements so that they can identify gaps in those systems and easily compare differences between EHR systems.

Keep in mind that it is not a certification instrument, but a benchmarking tool for key requirements


Click here to view the digital version of the tool (ENG).


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This tool was developed by SPH digital team in collaboration with IN2

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