Electronic Health Record System (EHR-S) Scorecard Toolkit

Module 1. Explanation of the tool


Future versions of the tool will generate a score per requirement and the overall scorecard displays the results summarized in four areas: functional requirements  (IF), interoperability requirements (II), security requirements  (IS), and usability requirements.



Figure 1. Defined indicators and their color code



Figure 2. Example Scorecard Results by Module

The calculation of each indicator is made by counting the percentage of affirmative answers over the total number of questions in a field.

In addition to asking to answer YES/NO to the questions, for those questions where it makes sense, you will be asked to report on the standards or technologies used for what is requested in the question.

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The tool is not intended to be used for certification or recommendations for improvement to the supplier; it is simply intended to reflect the degree of compliance of a product with respect to the requirements for an EHR-S defined in this project.

It will always be the responsibility of the organization or company answering the questionnaire to answer the questions truthfully and rigorously. Other information such as demo documentation can complement this process. 

Refer to the attached documents for more information.



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