CIUM: Medical Unit Data Collection Application


The Medical Unit Data Collection Application, CIUM, is an open-source application created by the Ministry of Health of Chiapas, ISECH, to facilitate the capture and analysis of indicators for continuous quality improvement processes for quality improvement teams and supervisors. The application allows the administrator to include standards and criteria related to care processes and checklists for availability of drugs and equipment. Currently, it is used to evaluate over 300 primary and secondary health centers in Chiapas.

The content includes standards and criteria for reproductive, maternal, neonatal and child health care processes and equipment and drug standards based on the National Norms of Mexico and the international standards evaluated as part of IDB’s Salud Mesoamerica Initiative.

Standards and criteria are dynamic and can be updated over time. Information can be collected on or offline and results are calculated locally offline to facilitate use in the field. Once online, data is sent to CIUM Web. CIUM web includes various visualizations to help the user analyze information and create recommendations for the continuous quality improvement plan. Results can be viewed at the aggregated level or down to the results of a specific medical record and/or health center. This data can be exported to other systems and in Chiapas, it is also included in the eTAB Application.

Tool Specification

Key Features / Modules
  • Programming of standards, processes, and resources 
  • Mobile Data collection, scoring for self-monitoring and supervision
  • Aggregated and disaggregated analysis 
  • Personalized dashboard
  • Digital signature
  • Non-protective free and open source software
  • Supporting documentation and use of the software is licensed under Creative Commons IGO 3.0 Atribución-NoComercial-SinObraDerivada (CC-IGO 3.0 BY-NC-ND)
Languages available (Internationalization)
  • Spanish
  • English
WHO Classification: Healthcare System Challenges
  • 2 Availability
    • 2.1 Insufficient supply of commodities
  • 3. Quality
    • 3.3 Low quality health commodities
    • 3.6 Inadequate supportive Supervision
WHO Classification: System Category
  • K. Facility management information system
  • N. Health management information system
Who Classification: Main Users
  • 3.0 Health system mangers
WHO Classification: Digital Health Intervention
  • 3.7 Facility Management
  • JSON
Data Sharing with other services or platforms
  • ETAB (Business Intelligence Tool)
Main Users
  • Jurisdictional quality assurance teams
  • Hospital quality committees
  • Jurisdictional medical care coordination
  • Quality Management unit
  • Public health and planning
  • State level
    • 302 health units
</> Languages
  • PHP
  • Javascript
Technical Overview
  • The CIUM project consists of a RESTful API and a Web Client
  • RESTful API in Laravel, open source framework to develop web applications and services with PHP
  • Web client was developed in Angular Js, open source JavaScript framework

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Usario Expediente Medico
Usario revisando inventorio
CIUM Indicadores por criteria
Criterias por unidad medica
Analysis de Procesos
Usuario Revisando Inventario
Usario Expediente Medico
Usario revisando inventorio
CIUM Indicadores por criteria
Criterias por unidad medica
Analysis de Procesos
  • Secretary of health, Chiapas State, ISECH
  • Caralampio Arbey Morales Trujillo
  • Ramiro Gabriel Alférez Chavez
  • Eliecer Ramirez Esquinca 
  • Project Coordination Unit (ISM) - Health Institute (PLANEACION)
  • Salud Mesoamerica Initiative; ME-G1001 ME-G1004.

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indicators, Care process, Availability, Primary and secondary healthcare center, Quality Improvement
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Health management information system
Last Update: 04/22/2020

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