The Gender and Diversity Division (GDI) is in charge of promoting gender equality, the development with identity of indigenous peoples and the inclusion of people with disabilities, Afro-descendants and the LGTBQ + population, as well as taking advantage of the talent and capacities that reside in these groups to promote the socioeconomic development of the countries of the region.

At GDI we believe that digital transformation represents an opportunity to close gender and diversity gaps in access to quality public services. For example, digital platforms can offer guidance and care services to women victims of gender violence who cannot attend a face-to-face service. Digital tools can also facilitate access to remote public services for people with disabilities or improve the quality of prenatal care received by indigenous populations by incorporating elements of interculturality.

However, without proper precautions, digital transformation can also increase the risk of exclusion for certain groups. Both algorithmic biases, digital skills and connectivity gaps, and digital violence can exclude segments of the population from the benefits of digital transformation.

The Social Digital initiative of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) proposes to research and share digital solutions and tools that enhance the services offered by governments and improve the experience of citizens, reducing the risks of exclusion of the most vulnerable groups and closing the gaps of gender and diversity.