National Electronic Health Record Maturity Model Toolkit

At the Inter-American Development Bank, we have created a series of tools to facilitate the digital transformation in health in the region.

Learn about Maturity Model for the implementation of the National EHR in this page.

Our model is:

  • 360º global vision considering the EHR as an ecosystem not related only to technology and focusing on clinical information derived from the provision of health services
  • Designed specifically for the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Focused on the process of conversion to Electronic Health Records and oriented to the evolution, analysis and treatment of clinical information.

Objective of this model:

The objective of this instrument is for organizations to evaluate if they are ready for National Electronic Health Record. This tool evaluates if your organization have a digital health ecosystem to support clinical information exchange digitally.

Through this model, you will be able to assess the degree of implementation of the of electronic health record systems and health information exchange based on five dimensions.  


How are we measuring the level of maturity?

The Model is based on these five dimensions.

maturity model

  • Analysis of variables related to the culture of organizations and patient participation.
  • Description of the various data and systems needed for electronic health records
  • Key factors for the development of syntactic and semantic interoperability processes, as well as data analysis and information repositories.
  • Analysis of electronic devices for information management, data transmission and Internet connection.
  • Description of the mechanisms and processes that manage the governance of health information systems.

You can learn about each dimension through the modules in this toolkit.

More details on this tool and an updated version will be available online on Social Digital in early 2022.

Meanwhile, you can check out the current version here.

Stay tuned!

This tool was developed by SPH digital team in collaboration with IN2

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