Module 3. E Health Infostructure

National Electronic Health Record Maturity Model Toolkit

3Infostructure includes the different foundational components which can be cataloged as keystones for the development of the processes of syntactic and semantic interoperability of the healthcare organization.

 The following form part of the infostructure:

  • clinical information repositories
  •  directory records identifying patients
  •  products and places,
  • the use of clinical terminology
  • components related to monitoring informed consent for patients
  •  the implementation of mechanisms to preserve privacy
  • security of access to the platform
  • rules for sharing the different kinds of electronic clinical documents.

Finally, issues related to data analysis and the information repositories are also considered part of this dimension.

In the framework of this chapter, five relevant components are identified:

  1. D3.C1.: Repositories and systems for an EHR
  2. D3.C2.: Identification
  3. D3.C3.: Interoperability
  4. D3.C4.: Consent, control and handling workflows

D3.C5.: Information privacy and security

Read more about this dimension in the attached document.


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