Module 2. Information and Health

National Electronic Health Record Maturity Model Toolkit

2This dimension provides the description of the sub-elements that participate in the generation of the information.

Each one of these subcomponents covers one part of the assistance process, which run from the clinical evaluation of health problems at the different levels (primary care, hospital, etc.), up to the evaluation of complementary tests, therapeutic actions, and managing patient flows, etc.

In the framework of this chapter, three relevant components are identified:

  1. D2.C1.: Personal data of patients
  2. D2.C2.: Uniqueness and capture
  3. D2.C3.: Healthcare information

Information about healthcare processes can be obtained from three levels of attention in general: 1) community care, 2) primary care and 3) hospital care. Some of the subcomponents are more specific to one level than another or may be exclusive to one (such as hospital activity records).

At any of these levels, capturing the clinical information should be associated to an MR which corresponds, unequivocally, to exactly one patient.

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